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Bulldog in a Doorway by deskridge
Bulldog in a Doorway
Prints: daniel-eskridge.artistwebsites…
"YOU SHALL NOT PASS...unless you give me a dog biscuit...or wait till I take a nap."

A bulldog lazily sits in the open doorway to an old stone building.  He might be guarding the place, or maybe he just thinks it's a comfortable spot to sit in.  

This is my latest addition to my dog series.  Bulldogs are one of my favorite breeds as the have quite a lot of character.  That personality (or should I say dogonality ;) ) really can come out great in art.

To make this, I sculpted a digital model of a bulldog using virtual sculpting software known as Sculptris to both shape and paint him.  To give him fur, I used a utility called LookAtMyHair which adds virtual fur to 3d models.  LookAtMyHair is a plugin for the 3D application DazStudio.  Next I used Poser, another 3d computer application, to load a pre-made model of an old chapel and open it's doors.  I imported both the chapel and animal into the scenery building application Vue which I used to render the scene.  After touching up the resulting image in GIMP (an open source alternative to photoshop), I used a tool called Impression from Topaz Labs to give it the look of an Impressionist painting.

By the way, if you want to learn more about Topaz Impression, I have a video review of it on Youtube:

Tools Used:
Sculptris, to sculpt the bulldog:
A Curious Chapel, the building:
Poser, to open the doors of the chapel:
Daz Studio, used LookAtMyHair plugin to give the dog fur :
Vue, to assemble the scene and render:
GIMP, to touch things up:
Topaz Impression, to give it the painted look:…

Thanks for looking!
Daniel Eskridge


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Woman at a Medieval Door by deskridge
Woman at a Medieval Door
Prints: daniel-eskridge.artistwebsites…
A woman in a flowery dress stands framed by the open door of an old stone building.

This was actually something I put together for academic reasons.  I wanted an image to illustrate the concept of framing in art composition.  However, I liked the way that it looked so much that I decided to publish it to my gallery.

As this was something made in a short amount of time.  I used "off-the-shelf" components to put it together.  I used Poser to pose the woman in the open doorway, and Poser's cloth simulator to drape the dress on her.  I exported her and the building into Vue where I added a bit of grass here an there as well as the plants in the planters.  I also used Vue to render the scene.  For post production, I used GIMP to fix errors, adjust colors, and add my stamp.  

If you're wondering what Poser is, I have an article giving a brief overview of it and a similar tool on my blog:…

Here are the components I used and links where you can get them:

Victoria 4, the female model:
Margot Medieval Clothes, the dress:
A Curious Chapel, the builing:
Amusing Hair, the womans hair:
Kay, the woman's skin texture and bodyshape:

Thanks for looking!
Daniel Eskridge


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Also, I have a Zazzle store:…
and, of course, a blog:
Rocky Mountain Buffalo by deskridge
Rocky Mountain Buffalo

A great brown bison stands on a grassy hillside.  Behind the brown buffalo of the American West, the tall snowy peaks of the Rocky Mountains rise into the sky.  The juge furry animal looks back at the mounts as if he sees something in the valley below.

This image is actually a bit of a remake of a work I did a few years ago entitle "The Great American Bison" ( ).  I wanted to see how the new techniques for making mountains and doing animal fur stacked up against those I used in the older image.  I rather like the way it turned out.

I created this image using CGI and Digital Painting techniques.  To start with I used a tool called Vue from e-on Software to create the mountains, hillside, sky.

I got the bison model from, here is a link to it in the Daz Store:

To pose the bison I used Daz Studio, and, to add the fur, I used the plug-in LookAtMyHair.  To find out more about Daz Studio, you can visit my blog where I have and article describing what it is:

After importing the bison in Vue and rendering the final image there, I used GIMP to fix errors, adjust colors, and add my stamp.

Thanks for looking!
Daniel Eskridge    


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Also, I have a Zazzle store:…
and, of course, a blog:
Glowing Hammerhead Shark by deskridge
Glowing Hammerhead Shark
A hammerhead shark swims beneath the sea in this impressionist work featuring fluid glowing lines with an almost neon quality to them.

I used a really cool tool to transform one of my renders witch was a traditional image of a hammeread into this glowing fluid version.  You can find out more about it on my blog here:…

Prints of this image are available here:…

Thank for looking,
Danger at Sundown by deskridge
Danger at Sundown
Prints:  daniel-eskridge.artistwebsites…

A man and a woman watch the sunset from a grassy hillside.  They are dressed in light summer time clothes. It seems like what should be a romantic occasion, but something is amiss.  They both look alertly in the direction of the sun, and the man grasps a gun.  Something has caught their attention, something threatening.

There are perhaps millions of artworks featuring sunsets.  It's an event that is usually romanticized as in the hero and heroin of a story "riding off into the sunset".  I wanted to make a different kind of work though, a sunset with a sinister twist.  After all, this is the time of day where the light begins to fail and the darkness of night approaches.  I gave the man a gun to emphasize this, but I also used the word "sundown" in the title rather than "sunset" as it has a slightly different, less happy, connotation, the second half of the word being "down" as in descent, falling, or failing.  It's like the day is breaking down.

I actually created this image to practice making clouds.  It turns out that I perhaps made them a bit overly complex.  Whereas my renders usually take around 12 hours, this one took a whopping 1280 hours.  I actually started the render last summer had the computer work on it whenever I had some down time between other works.

To create this image, I started in program that specialized in making scenery called Vue by building the sunset sky then added the grassy hillside.  Next I went into Poser to try and figure out what characters to add to the scene. For a while, I tried various animals but, in the end, decided that I wanted human figures in this artwork.  After adding them to the scene, I rendered it using Vue.  For post production, I used GIMP to enhance the colors, fixed details, and add my stamp.

Resources used:
Vue (for building outdoor scenes):
Poser (for posing pre-built characters):
Daz (a great place to get characters to use in Poser):
GIMP (an open source alternative to Photoshop):
Thanks for looking!
Daniel Eskridge


Follow me on Facebook:…
Also, I have a Zazzle store:…
and, of course, a blog:


deskridge's Profile Picture
Daniel Eskridge
Artist | Digital Art
United States
I am a forty-something living in the Metro-Atlanta area -- one of the few people who was actually born and raised here. I'm married and have two sons. By day, I am a software engineer at a small company. But, by night I am a 3D render artist.

I have dual degrees from the University of Georgia, one in Computer Science, the other in Fine Art. So, it seems only natural that I attempt to combine the two by producing art using a computer. Plus, I find that it's a bit more practical than painting as it doesn't require all of the clean up, harsh chemicals, or expensive supplies.

I have been a render artist since some of the first ray-tracing programs were made publicly available in the mid 80's. To date, I have completed over four-hundred images, many of which can been seen in my gallery on this site.

Artist Links

Here are some links to artists and illustrators that have inspired me.


Keith Parkinson
Michael Whelan
Rodney Matthews…
Roger Dean
Larry Elmore
Clyde Caldwell
Boris Vallejo
Frank Frazetta


Francisco de Goya…
Jean-Honore Fragonard…
Maxfield Parrish…
Lord Fredrick Leighton…
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema…
John William Waterhouse
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres www.jeanaugustedominiqueingres…
Jean-Leon Gerome


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